Dealing with VAT compliance effectively is a real challenge for many organizations. It amongst others requires sufficient resources to meet compliance obligations and a firm understanding of an ever-changing VAT legislation in each jurisdiction. 

We can support you in the below listed areas of expertise. We do this by making our resources and knowledge available tailored to your specific needs: either by interim or by taking over (part of) your VAT compliance work (outsourcing).

Our unique approach

We take the view that we assist you in the most efficient way by performing (part) of the compliance work at your premises.  This gives the ultimate opportunity to get to know each other’s organization, structure and ways of working. We avoid remote access security risks and do not consume your valuable time by requesting you to collect and mail compliance information to us for processing. This applies to both interim as outsourcing.  

Our VAT compliance team

Our VAT compliance team exists out of specialists with various levels of experience and background (multi lingual).  By having worked with different types of companies, jurisdictions, financial systems and issues, our specialists have gained a wealth of hands-on practical experience. The VAT compliance team is supported by experienced VAT managers, has access to up-to-date and advanced global indirect tax compliance database and is in contact with our international network.

Areas of expertise

  • Return preparation and filing: VAT returns, EC Listing and Intrastat (statistical) returns; 
  • Reconciliation and accounting: reconcile your VAT returns with your General Ledger VAT accounts, revenue accounts, Intrastat returns, EC Sales Lists, purchase- and sales ledgers etc. And making the respective VAT journal entries to clear your VAT accounts;  
  • Audit assistance: help you prepare for VAT audits performed by local tax authorities and/or accounting firms;
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable review: review invoices on invoice requirements, VAT calculation, Tax coding in your host system, VAT accounting, archiving, etc.;
  • VAT compliance training:  train your relevant departments on VAT determination, VAT coding, invoicing requirements, invoice archiving, sequencing, reconciliation, preparing and filing of VAT returns, Intrastat returns, EC Listings, etc 
  • (Foreign) VAT reclaim: prepare and file foreign VAT reclaim request, check whether all VAT is (correctly) reclaimed, optimize VAT recovery etc.
  • VAT registrations: prepare and submit the VAT registration application form and all correspondence with local tax authorities. 



We discuss the nature of the assignment or project with you. On this basis we formulate and discuss the profile of the compliance specialist and duration of the assignment or project. We select the most appropriate specialist, but you decide after a personal introduction.


For our outsourcing services we incorporated a Compliance Center (CC) in the Netherlands. This CC can take over each part of the compliance process. From the information gather part until the submission and post filing follow up. The information gathering part is principle executed at your premises and the processing of the information at our CC. 

We work with a team on your account. This engagement team separates and rotates the duties. In this way we can guarantee quality and continuity.  

Free VAT Reporting tool

We developed intelligent VAT reporting software that helps you analyze and process your transactions to boxes of the VAT return, Intrastat return and EC Listing. This tool covers the entire European Union, Switzerland and Norway. 

Fiscal representation

Appointing a fiscal representative is sometimes required or advisable (e.g. obtaining cash flow advantage at importation). We act as a fiscal representative with a general license in the Netherlands and/or can assist you in appointing a fiscal representative in another European country. We also work as an authorized agent and correspondence address. 





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