• VAT Compliance

    VAT Compliance

    Dealing with VAT compliance effectively is a real challenge for many organizations. It amongst others requires sufficient resources to meet compliance obligations and ......... read more read more

  • VAT Interim Management

    VAT Interim Management

    With over 130 countries operating Value Added Tax (VAT) or similar regimes, VAT management represents a compelling issue for any company conducting business....... read more read more

  • VAT Automation

    VAT Automation

    There are multiple reasons for adopting VAT Automation. There is an increased complexity of VAT, regulatory pressure on risk management and control, increased.......... read more read more

Welcome to VAT Resource

VAT Resource is an independent firm founded by experienced Value Added Tax (VAT) specialists who have backgrounds from Big-4 consultancy firms and corporate VAT management departments. We provide national and multinational companies with tailored VAT services focusing on VAT compliance, VAT interim management and VAT automation. Please refer to Services for more information on each individual service. 

Our professionals combine in-depth knowledge of international VAT rules with a strong understanding of your business processes, requirements and challenges. VAT Resource is a member of an international network of highly experienced VAT specialists located in numerous countries around the world.